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Elizabeth Ryan - Counsellor

Elizabeth Ryan
Former columnist for Free Spirited Magazine

Elizabeth, who has repeatedly converted adversity to strength through her courage and perseverance, believes her own personal growth impacts on how she helps others effect changes that result in their lives being more rewarding and enjoyable.

Elizabeth's decision to become a counsellor arose in 1988 after she sustained life-threatening injuries when she fell through a plate-glass window in a restaurant. After the accident, her severe blood loss, combined with the effects of surgery, left Elizabeth initially in a state of fatigue and unable to concentrate. She couldn't focus well enough to read, so as she lay in hospital she reflected on who she was and started questioning what she wanted from life. She realised that she didn't like the person she had become. Working under extreme pressure running a corporate sector business, she was often impatient, pushy and belligerent.

In the hospital environment, Elizabeth was warm and compassionate with other patients. In her vulnerability, she had instantly become much more openhearted and in touch with the caring side of her nature - and she liked this part of herself. It seemed that in terms of her career and how aggressive she had become, there was a sign at the end of her hospital bed saying, "Go back; you're going the wrong way(!)."

As a result of this and other insights, Elizabeth considered how she might integrate into her lifestyle the new values that ensued from her serious accident, and she deliberated about how she could achieve a deeper sense of meaning. Thus, she decided upon a career change and within a year of the accident started her first counselling course. Along the way Elizabeth received further counselling training, sold her business, and completed B.A. (Hons.), majoring in psychology.

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