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Do you want your relationship to be more satisfying or more intimate than it is? If you're in a relationship where either you or your partner is experiencing considerable anger, unhappiness, disillusionment or the like, you may benefit from counselling. You don't have to settle for a relationship that's hostile, unsupportive, empty or unfulfilling. Having extensive experience as a relationship educator and counsellor, Elizabeth can teach you to the skills that promote love and happiness.

We all want to minimise our pain and maximise our pleasure, and therefore we're all vulnerable to addictions. However, for some people these needs leads to dependency on substances or lifestyles that have severe emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, social, financial, and sometimes legal, consequences. Elizabeth inspires hope as she assists clients in getting control of their self-destructive compulsions and forging a more balanced and satisfying life for themselves.

Have you lost someone who was important to you through death or some other form of separation? You may be experiencing a combination of strong or extreme emotions, and struggling to find meaning and purpose. Maybe life as you knew it will never be the same again. Although everyone experiences grief in a personal way, many people find that grief counselling comforts and supports them through their heartbreak quicker and more effectively than if they suffer alone. In supporting you through your grief, Elizabeth will be sensitive to your specific needs.

Sooner or later everyone experiences an emotional crisis. Although no crisis lasts forever, in the heat of the moment people often feel let down by their friends or need more support than their loved ones can offer. Elizabeth has many years' experience in face-to-face and telephone crisis counselling. Having the kind of support she offers can make a big difference to your life while you're in crisis. Elizabeth will gently encourage you to find your answers and come to terms with your situation.

Do you feel depressed, a sense of hopelessness or despair? When we're severely depressed every aspect of our daily life is affected. Depression can affect our thinking processes to the extent that we pay more attention to negative than positive experiences and interpret the motivations and qualities of others more harshly than is reasonable or fair. Such thinking biases can be identified and changed through counselling. Elizabeth inspires clients' active participation in changing their erroneous negative beliefs about themselves, the world and the future. If you're experiencing thoughts of suicide please contact Suicide Help Line 1300 651 251 or Lifeline 13 11 14 immediately.

Do you suffer overpowering anxiety in specific circumstances or feel anxious about many different situations and events? Anxiety is common to the human condition. Whereas people who are highly anxious can feel debilitated or paralysed in particular areas of their functioning, those who turn to Elizabeth for assistance get the opportunity to learn effective strategies to control and/or reduce their anxiety to the degree that they may live a more full and rewarding life.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands you're facing? Stress is the body's natural response that's governed by the choices we make about our physical, social and psychological environments. Elizabeth can help you identify specific sources of your stress and learn effective techniques to decrease it and increase control of your life.

When someone we love ends his/her life we may feel shattered, despairing and a combination of other emotions, the intensity of which may be terrifying. Having facilitated a suicide support group for people grieving the loss of a loved one through suicide for many years, Elizabeth has a deep understanding of the complexity of suicide bereavement.

Do you get so angry that you lash out at people or property? Although we need our anger to protect ourselves from injustice, some of us feel disproportionate levels of this powerful emotion. We struggle to suppress these feelings because we don't know how to express our wrath effectively. How we handle anger has a massive impact on the quality of our relationships and the quality of our lives. Elizabeth can assist you to control your anger through techniques such as anxiety management and constructive verbal expression.

Do you feel alone and unhappy? If you don't have nurturing and supportive relationships you may feel lonely. Loneliness does not necessarily mean being alone. Some people feel lonely even when they're in the company of others. Elizabeth can assist you to overcome the pain of loneliness and improve the quality of your relationships.


Do you experience difficulties with relationships or often feel offside with people? Maybe you're unsure about how to express yourself or how to behave in social settings. People who communicate effectively are generally well liked by others. Elizabeth can assist you to develop your social skills and connect well with people.

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