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Medicare rebates may be available

If you organise a group of ten participants Elizabeth will facilitate workshops on the following topics:

- Relationship Sustaining Skills
- Exploring Grief and Loss
- Dealing with Change
- Self-esteem
- Relaxation

Elizabeth's Relationship workshops convey the skills that minimise relationship difficulties and lead to healthy relationships. Opportunities are provided in the workshops for single people and couples to examine their feelings, thoughts, expectations and behaviour, and to improve the quality of their relationship.

You'll be treated respectfully throughout these workshops and you won't be pressured to reveal anything about yourself or your relationship. You will also be informed about some of the determinants of relationship dissatisfaction and how to avoid the pitfalls that many couples unwittingly fall into. Gather together people who, like yourself, want to grow as individuals and understand love, people who place a premium on their relationship, and Elizabeth will design a programme that addresses each participant's most significant relationship challenge or interest.

Some of the topics that may be covered are:

Setting Solid Foundations by Strengthening Myself

You will have the chance to learn about yourself and how your relationship will benefit when you behave with integrity and warmth rather than unassertively. The impact of your family of origin is explored. Different styles of relating are discussed and you will be guided to work toward developing what is considered to be a mature, interdependent relationship, based on volitional love, i.e., love that is predicated on favourable relationship choices rather than pure passion.

Constructive and destructive expectations, attitudes and beliefs are investigated, and you will be invited to examine how your reasonable as well as your unreasonable needs impact on your partner and your relationship.

The Language of Love: Effective Communication and Conflict Management
A forum will be provided for you to learn and practise how to communicate effectively and manage the conflict that inevitably arises in a healthy relationship.

Loving Behaviours: Intimacy, Sexuality, Trust and Commitment
Intimacy, sexuality, trust and commitment, major contributors to relationship satisfaction, are considered, and you will be supported in developing strategies that sustain love. You will have the opportunity to assess what makes you feel loved and if you are in a relationship you will be encouraged to examine how your love needs differ from those of your partner.

Learning how to mind your relationship is usually simpler and less painful than trying to mend it after your goodwill has been eroded. Elizabeth maintains a preventative focus in working with couples to nourish their relationship, and with single people to develop constructive, loving relationships. If you're fortunate enough to be enjoying a loving relationship, then the skills you will learn at Elizabeth's workshops will help keep your love vibrant and alive.

The cost of her workshops is equivalent to a couple of counselling sessions with a psychologist. Whereas these workshops aren't therapy, they typically have a therapeutic effect. Participating in Elizabeth's Workshops is a crucial investment in your future.

You may benefit from counselling in addition to participating in these workshops if you seriously struggle to say anything positive to or about your partner, or if your relationship involves addictions, sexual dysfunction, infidelity, or physical abuse.

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